On-line ordering and custom web portals make print procurement a breeze!

Efficiency, accuracy, simplicity and cost savings are just a click away. Tray harnesses the power of technology to increase your productivity as we manage your projects and develop solutions for your printing needs. Tray gives you the ability to perform file transfers, view and order products and services, and search for promotional products on-line. We can also build a customized web page for your organization or its members, in which they can browse, edit, and pay for printed materials unique to your organization- from across the office or across the country.

Tray gives you the power to:

   - Place and review orders online
   - Edit copy and receive instant PDF proofs
   - Review and move inventory
   - Provide printing services and administration to large number
      of employees or members
   - Track activity with administrator functions and report generation

Engage your customer on-line with digital catalogs and magazines.

Tray offers more than just printed output. Now you can upload content and let Tray produce e-magazines, e-catalogs and more. Our z-mag product delivers an engaging user experience incorporating images, video and sound to keep your customers coming back for more.

Contact your sales professional or the Web Department at web@trayinc.com to see our how technology can work for you.