With your marketing dollars in the balance, we know how important it is that your mail piece looks good and is delivered on time. Tray is the leader in direct mail, with a comprehensive list of products and services to meet your every need. At Tray, we put our expertise to work for you by planning early on for mailing as part of your unique project solution.

Our design experts will ensure that your piece on-screen will look as good in print. Our mailing experts will make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the postal savings possible, and will help to get your project out the door and into the mail stream on time.

If your project includes mail, you can trust Tray to deliver.


Merging and Duping of Multiple Mailing Lists
- List Hygiene
- Case Conversion
- Variable-Data Support for Personalization
- Zip Code + 4 Capabilities
- CASS Certified Address Correction/Bar-coding
  (Computer Assisted Search Services)
- NCOA Processing (National Change of Address)
- Mail Piece Design Consultation
- Inkjetting
- Lasering (cut sheet, continuous, roll to roll)
- Matching
- Inserting
- Commingling
- Metering and Live Stamping
- Drop-shipping to NDC/SCF
- Reduced Postal rates on Canadian and Foreign Mail